School wifi confirmed to stay in place next year

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School wifi confirmed to stay in place next year

Mehul Shrivastava, Staff Writer

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Administration and Principal James Antonelli have recently confirmed that Wifi will be provided to students next year. The decision was made when a group of students approached them and pointed out their concerns about the incoming Chromebooks, which included the loss of Wifi. Although the Chromebooks will still be provided, students will not be deprived of their access to Wifi.

“We met with a group of students, listened to their concerns and the superintendent agreed it would be in the best interest of students and I agreed”, said Antonelli.

Senior Michael Colavita was one of the students who met with administration to discuss the concerns. He had originally started a petition against the upcoming Chromebooks.  Colavita was relieved that students would not have to rely on cellular data while they were in school.

“The decision to instead keep the Wifi came about as a result of our meeting with the administration, regarding the petition. I’m glad they changed their minds about this issue, and I think that the new direction is a much better decision for WA,” said Colavita.

Although the Wifi decision made was accepted by the students, a number of them continue to disagree with the incoming Chromebooks.

“I still believe that adopting Chromebooks is the wrong direction for the one to one plan. None of the issues and limitations of the Chromebooks from the petition will be solved by the reversal of the wifi policy,” said Colavita.

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