How to Be Single promises a good laugh

The movie poster for How to Be Single.

The movie poster for How to Be Single.

Morgan Rose, Staff Writer

How to Be Single, a romantic comedy starring many well-known actors, is full of jokes that are just about to cross the line, petty romances, and a forced conclusion — complete with voiceover. While it is not the best movie out there, it is funny and light: perfect for a movie night with friends.

How to Be Single tells the story of Alice (Dakota Johnson) who decides to take a break from her long-term boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun), reasoning that their relationship is keeping her from discovering herself. Following this, Alice moves in with her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), an independent workaholic adamant on the fact that she does not need to be a wife or a mother to be happy. At her new job, Alice befriends Robin (Rebel Wilson), a hilarious, crazy, man-slayer who spends all her free time at bars or at parties. When Robin sees how hung up Alice is on Josh, she makes it her personal mission to teach Alice how to be single.

Directed by Christian Ditter, who also directed Love, Rosie (2014), this movie caters to a specific audience: people (with a sense of humor) that are trying to feel better about how single they are on Valentine’s Day. It is perfect to watch with a few friends on a weekend; the comedy will likely bring many audience members to tears from laughter. However, the end has a tear-jerker scene, so practice your “There was dust in my eye!” phrase ahead of time.

How to Be Single is rated R, so be warned: there is a fair amount of sexual humor and swearing. It all fits in with the atmosphere of the story, though, so if you do attend this movie with your mom, it probably will not be excruciatingly awkward. Probably.

The movie is listed as a romantic comedy, but that label does not embrace what the movie is truly about. If you are looking for a lovey-dovey chick flick, you have come to the wrong place. If anything, How to Be Single mocks love and many of the characters realize that love is not as magical as it seems. This movie exemplifies the fact that the guy does not always get the girl, and there is such thing as too little too late.

Deeper meanings aside, How to Be Single is a fun movie to watch and enjoy. Johnson’s performance is genuine, but not incredibly memorable; she is outshined by Wilson, who continues to deliver hilarious jokes perfectly, while also nailing the more emotional scenes. Mann’s performance is also strong, portraying Meg’s growth as a character very well.

The wardrobe in this movie is creative and eye-catching, however some choices for Johnson are a bit questionable. Some of the pieces simply do not agree with her hair and body type. Wilson’s outfits are fun and represent Robin’s personality perfectly. Overall, the spot-on wardrobe helps bring the story to life and capture the essence of each individual character.

How to Be Single is written very well, with the right amount of humor and sincerity. The characters are all developed thoughtfully and realistically, and the way each character’s story overlaps is intricately done and planned out brilliantly. Overall, it earns a six out of ten stars.