Boys’ Varsity Basketball wins against Somerville 68-57

Mehul Shrivastava and Kai-Jia Yue

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On Friday, February 7th, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team won against Somerville in an intense game with a score of 68-57.

The game started with WA possession, who managed to score in the first thirty seconds. Throughout the quarter, both teams showed a lot of team work and kept scoring, as well as gaining possession of the ball. When there were five minutes left, the Ghosts were winning 10-4. WA continued to have a good offense for the next three minutes and got the score to 16-6.

The first quarter ended with WA in the lead with a score of 21-8.

The second quarter started with Somerville possession, and in just a minute, the Ghosts got the score up to 23-10. Both teams continued to show aggressive offense and defense which resulted in  constant changes of possession. With four minutes remaining, the score was 29-11 in favor of WA. Both teams continued to score, including an impressive three-pointer made by WA and a few shots made by Somerville as well.

The first half of the game ended with WA winning 36-17.

The Ghosts had the ball at the start of the second half, and both teams made multiple scoring attempts, none of which were successful, until WA made the first shot of the half. With five minutes remaining, the score was brought up to 43-21, and through the rest of the quarter, both teams continued to score. The quarter came to a close with another three-pointer made by WA in the last seconds.

At the end of the quarter, the Ghosts led 52-31.

The last quarter started with WA possession but Somerville still scored first. This was also followed by a series of shots by Somerville. With three minutes remaining, the score was 59-48, as Somerville had broght down their defecit significantly throughout the quarter. The score was 61-53 with one minute remaining.

Even though Somerville managed to score in the last ten seconds of the game, WA won by a final score of 68-57.

Senior Captain Patrick Coffey felt that they did better than most of the other games this season, even though  they may not have done so well in the second half.

“We came out a lot better in the first half, for sure, than we have the whole season, and then as the second half went on, we kinda let it slip away a little bit, and we were lucky to get the win,” said Coffey.

The team will play Lincoln-Sudbury next on February 9th.