Boys’ Basketball wins against rival AB 53-43

Mehul Shrivastava and Kai-Jia Yue

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On Friday, January 15th, the Boys’ Basketball team defeated Acton-Boxborough in a close game with a score of 53-43.

AB had the ball at the start of the game and scored almost immediately with WA scoring only a few seconds after. WA repeatedly got possession of the ball but were unable to score, and AB pulled into the lead with a score of 6-2. The Ghosts started scoring at the end of the quarter and tied the score 6-6 with two and a half minutes remaining.  In the next minute and a half, both teams scored, and WA began leading 10-8.

During the last ten seconds of the third quarter, AB caught up and the score was tied 10-10, but then the Ghosts scored with one second to spare. The quarter ended with WA leading 12-10.

AB started with the ball in the second quarter and were able to score one point through a foul shot. During the entire quarter, the ball went back and forth between both teams. WA had a good defense, so AB got most of their points in the second quarter through foul shots.

In the last minute, WA caught up to and tied the score 20-20, but AB made 2 more points through foul shots. Halftime started with the Ghosts down 20-22.

The third quarter started with both teams going back and forth with the ball possession. The score remained unchanged with both teams showing good defense until WA tied the score 22-22 with three minutes and forty-two seconds remaining. From there, the Ghosts continued to pick up; one minute left, WA was winning 29-22.

The quarter ended with AB scoring just in time, and the score went to 29-24.

Chris Bramanti, the coach of the Boys’ Basketball team, was especially impressed with the defense in the third quarter.

“We only let them score two points in the third quarter, which was crazy,” said Bramanti.

AB scored the first points of the fourth quarter, but WA soon caught up scoring five points in the next minute and a half. AB took possession and was able to score five points more, but then WA stole the ball back and scored once again with five minutes remaining. For the next four minutes, the two teams switched off and the score was 47-40. In the last thirty seconds, the Ghosts were able to score three two-point shots, and won the game 53-43

Though the team won the game, senior captain Patrick Coffey felt that the team didn’t shoot as well as they could have, but he felt that the defense was good and the team played well.

“We didn’t shoot that well, but I think the team showed perseverance and we had a good defense,” said Coffey.

The Ghosts will next face Chelmsford High School on Sunday, January 17th.