New movie brings Joy to audience

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New movie brings Joy to audience

Ellie Smith, Editor-in-Chief

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On December 25th, the opening night of the new movie Joy, the AMC Tyngsboro theater was packed full of people eager to view Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie. The Oscar-winning actress’s performance does not disappoint in this inspiring film that is based on a true story.

Joy tells the story of Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence), a working mother determined to change her family’s ways and make something of herself. In the beginning of the film, Joy struggles with balancing her job and kids, while trying to financially support her entire family. Showing an large amount of creativity from a young age, she gets the idea for an invention that changes the course of her life as well as the lives of her family members.

Along with the help of her family, best friend Jackie (Dascha Polanco), and ex-husband Tony (Edgar Ramirez), Joy works hard to sell her invention of the Miracle Mop.

Joy also strives to find success with assistance from Neil Walker (Bradley Cooper), an executive at QVC, a company that sells new products in TV segments.

The film follows Joy’s struggles and triumphs in the difficult world of business, and shows how dedication can truly pay off.

This film is Lawrence’s third movie directed by Oscar nominated director David O. Russell, following Silver Lining’s Playbook and American HustleJoy lives up to the standards of these previous movies and continues Russell’s streak of oscar worthy movies.

Overall, the acting is phenomenal, with exceptional performances by fan favorites Lawrence, Cooper and Robert De Niro, who portrays Joy’s father. The actors brings moments of both humor and intensity, and work cohesively to bring this inspiring true story to life.

The soundtrack features a wide variety of genres from Latin jazz to rock, with songs by the Rolling Stones, the Bee Gees and Nat King Cole. It is obvious that the music was chosen carefully for each scene, as all of the songs enhance the feelings evoked by the scenes.

The film’s intriguing plot, leaving audience members on the edge of their seats during the most intense moments of the plot, combined with Jennifer Lawrence’s exceptional performance make this movie a must see.