Night at the Funhouse

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Pink Funhouse Tour

Pink performing “Bad Influence”. Photo by: Taylor Dean

By Devon Lindsey
Staff Writer

Last Friday Pink’s Funhouse World Tour stopped in the Boston Garden for one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever seen.  Not only did I get a chance to hear one of my long time favorite artists, but I also got a chance to experience some music from a group I wasn’t to familiar with, The Ting Tings.

A single spotlight came up on Jules De Martino slamming out an amazing drum solo, who soon after was joined by Katie White as The Ting Tings opened with their song “Great DJ” From the album We Started Nothing. Based out of England, The Ting Tings have been producing their alternative music since 2007 and are the opening act for part of Pink’s world tour according to their webpage  A couple of their songs gained popularity here in the U.S., “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go” reached top 100 status rather recently. Although the lyrics were a little hard to understand at times, they were pretty good; but it was only about thirty-five minutes before they closed with “That’s Not My Name.”

When it was finally time for the main concert to begin, Pink’s entrance definitely set the theme for the rest of the show. Flying up through the floor of the stage, Pink kicked the show off with “Bad Influence” from her latest album for which the tour is named.  At the same time the backdrop fell uncovering a set design straight from the circus. Throughout the show acrobatic acts accompanied various songs, some of which Pink was even a part of herself.

The music was amazing, and there was a pretty even balance between songs from different albums including a few covers.  Along with her own music, she covered a few of Rocks legends with ACDC’s “Highway to Hell”, Led Zeppelin’s “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  After some more of her own hits she finished off a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s popular song “Crazy”.

After that the jumbotron began a countdown while a montage of Pink’s music videos played on either side. I figured once it hit zero the stadium lights would all flick back on and that be it. Instead, much to the excitement of the audience, Pink was back on stage for an encore singing “Get This Party Started” from her 2001 album M!ssundaztood according to her website Then for one last theatrical performance sang the final song of her new album “Glitter In The Air” while suspended in the air herself.

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