Reichheld Ting hosts movie event

Kayla Chavier, Features Editor

(From left to right) Dr. John Reicheld Jr., Dr. Stephen Reicheld, and Dr. Brian L. Ting showing holiday spirit

This Christmas Eve, Santa is not the only one showing appreciation to the nice kids. Reichheld Ting Orthodontics is hosting their annual movie party for prospective and current patients and their families.

The movie event began over twenty years ago by one of the doctors at the practice.

“Dr. Jay, [or John Reichheld, Jr.], came up with the idea as a “Thank You” to all the patients who entrusted us with their care,” said Director of Marketing Amanda Huntington.

Reichheld rents the entire AMC movie theater in Tyngsboro, and all 850 seats will be filled with patients and family members.  Patients who want to attend are required to fill out a form and return it to the practice to be drawn from a raffle at random.  Upon arrival on Christmas Eve at 8:30 a.m., they are asked to contribute a nonperishable food item for donation to a local food bank.

“As the practices grew, so did the Movie party, [and through the food drive] we receive generous donations that impact the community in a positive way,” said Huntington.

Attendants expect showings of blockbuster movies that are usually released before the holiday season.  The anticipated blockbuster this year is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  

“The buzz about the highly anticipated movie made all other options pale in comparison,” said Huntington.

RTO places a high importance on connecting with patients and maintaining strong connections.  The movie-event tradition keeps this alive.

“It has become a tradition for families to wake up on Christmas Eve morning and join us at the movies, many still in their PJ’s. Long after treatment is over we still have families enter the raffle to join us. When you see kids every few weeks for a couple years, there is a friendship that forms. We become vested in our patients and the movie party is a great way to stay connected,” said Huntington.

Patients new and old are all given equal opportunity to be a part of the fun.  RTO sets aside tickets for patients who have only had one visit or have simply had an introductory consultation.

“We want them to know they are just as important as the patients we have known for years,” said Huntington.

For next year, the event may be held at a theater opening in Littleton.  However, this all depends on how RTO can best accommodate patients and their families.

As for future events held by RTO, patients can look forward to Lowell Spinner’s games during the summer.  At these games, the practice has a “live life smiling” patient appreciation night that includes ice cream, interaction with the baseball players, and more.  RTO is also involved in donating tickets to local Little League teams in the area.