Freshman… Meet your Class of 2019 President


Shefali Tamaskar, Staff Writer

In October, Julianne Lee was elected class president for the WA Class of 2019

Although in the past few years she has “always wanted to be a part of student council”, she has never actually had the chance to run for a position because she never had enough time.

This would be her first time having a class officer position and her victory in the election shows that the students in the 9th grade have confidence in her leadership skills.

She ran for president because she believes that she would be a good leader and since she gets along with practically everyone, it will be easy for students to come to her with their problems and ideas.

Prior to her speech, she was very nervous despite the fact that public speaking is a strength of hers.

“I was mostly nervous because I thought it was really all up in the air,” said Lee.

She thought that all three of the candidates running had a fair chance and she wasn’t sure if she was going to win.

Now that she is elected, Lee is looking forward to solving people’s problems and helping others in her grade. She is excited to use her power to help everyone that she can and hopes that she can get a lot done this year.

“A couple of students can’t just fix something, but I’m hoping if they come to me I can bring there ideas forth and try to help,” said Lee.

Even outside of class officers, Lee finds herself being a leader in other clubs and group activities at school. However, she loves to collaborate with others and right now they are working together to plan fundraisers and fun activities for this year.

Lee hopes to be president for the Class of 2019 for the next 4 years.

Lee wants to ensure that the class knows her availability and eagerness for taking suggestions. “I’m really easy to talk to, and if there’s anything you want/anything you don’t like, I’ll put a word in and try to make it happen,” sad Lee.

As stated in her speech, Lee wants everyone’s freshman year to be “the best it can possibly be.”