Non-mainstream essentials: November 2010

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By Nick DiNatale
Music Editor

October’s largest success: Chiodos’ Illuminaudio.

Following their decision to fire incredibly popular, highly successful, and very talented lead vocalist Craig Owens last September, it’s safe to say that any expectations for Chiodos’ new material were significantly lowered. Skeptics could not have been more wrong. Chiodos produced an album to remember; one that even holds its own against the highly popular, scene-darling band Bring Me The Horizon’s There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret, which was released in the US on the same day. Despite the fact that Bring Me The Horizon’s release was far better publicized than their release, Chiodos’ new album still received a great deal of hype regarding how well new vocalist Brandon Bolmer would fill Craig Owens’ shoes.

From the album’s opening title-track, “Illuminaudio”, it’s apparent that Chiodos has changed with the addition of Bolmer. However, that change is nothing too drastic; it’s simply normal progression of a band with a member change. Similarities can be drawn all over the place between Illuminaudio and their previous album, Bone Palace Ballet. Illuminaudio is less of an abstract effort than Bone Palace Ballet was, but it is still undeniably Chiodos. Bolmer’s voice is highly similar to Owens’ on the new record, but it’s still clear that he has some maturing to do. Either way, he still exceeded many expectations with his vocals on the album, and put in a very successful effort.

Other than just Brandon Bolmer exceeding expectations, the band as a whole did too. Many critics claimed that Craig Owens made Chiodos what they were. However, they completely neglected the fact that Chiodos was made up of Owens and five other very capable musicians. Together, the six piece band produced an album that is both powerful and melodic. Tracks such as “Caves”, “Love Is A Cat From Hell” (which features Pierce The Veil vocalist Vic Fuentes), and “Stratovolcano Mouth” are destined to be fan favorites. From the end of the last track, “Closed Eyes Still Look Forward”, listeners are left looking forward to the band’s next record. It should surely be interesting to see Brandon Bolmer’s second effort with the band once he’s gained a greater share of experience.

Go listen to: “Love Is A Cat From Hell”

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