Girls’ volleyball loses 3-0


WA lines up at end of game to high-five Newton South.

Kayla Chavier, Features Editor

On Tuesday, October 13th, WA Girls’ Volleyball lost a home game to Newton South with a final score of 3-0.

In the first set, the girls started off slowly and were losing 11-5 by the first time-out.  After a break, the girls rallied with Senior Bridget Gomes delivering strong serves as well as great blocking from Senior captain Emily Graziani.

Despite the increase in intensity, Newton South pulled ahead and was able to dominate WA 23-15.  Although the crowd was showing immense support and WA’s team positivity helped them gain more points, they ultimately lost the first set 25-20.

In the beginning of the second set, Newton South was able to pull ahead with a score of 9-3.  However, WA was able to counter and later, after a winning streak of 4 points, they went ahead 18-17.  The girls were continuously high-fiving each other and demonstrated unwavering cooperation.

WA girls huddle before the game.
WA girls huddle before the game.

At the end of the second set, both teams were neck-and-neck, with constant tied scores,  until Newton South eventually won the set 25-22.

By the third set, the girls were energized from the intensity of the second set and the teams continued to tie one another. WA was leading 18-14 but Newton South eventually caught up and pulled ahead.

WA was able to stay strong and the end of the set was an extremely close finish.  They continued to tie the game, once at 21-21, and then again at 26-26. However, Newton South eventually went on to win the set 28-26.

Head coach, Brandon Eang, commented on their slow start and 3-0 loss.

“I think overall we didn’t play well today, we didn’t play to the level that we’re used to. We had a good practice yesterday and it just came out very undisciplined, and [there was] no sense of urgency. […] They started out very slow–they dug themselves in a hole and it was hard to climb back out,” said Eang.