Sawrey strives for excellence


Andrew Friel, Managing Editor

Caroline Sawrey started playing soccer like most kids; at a young age, she played in recreational teams in Westford. However, Sawrey did not expect that it would lead her to become a varsity player during her freshman year of high school, and give her an overall great opportunity for success early on.

“I was happy [about making the team], but I was also kind of surprised,” said Sawrey of the special moment.

Sawrey generally plays defense because of her self diagnosed struggle in offensive positions, and this is the main reason she plays here. She plays defense not only at WA, but also on the club team known as FC Stars.

When it comes to her new varsity teammates at school, Sawrey only has positives to say regarding her reception as a freshman.

“[My teammates] are all really nice and fun,” said Sawrey.

Beyond soccer, Sawrey hopes to be involved in some clubs and activities during her freshman year here at WA.

“When we went to the activities fair, DECA looked fun and so did student council. I might play a winter or spring sport […] I might do lacrosse in the spring,” said Sawrey.

With everything else going on in her life, academics is still something that occupies Sawrey’s mind, similar to her classmates at WA. When talking about school, she referenced math and science classes as her preferences, and smartly answered that she has no least favorite class.

“I hope to do well in every class. [I’m] aiming for A’s [this year],” said Sawrey.

When to comes to long term goals, Sawrey would like to play soccer in college, but would be concerned about balancing school work and sports. Also, she currently is interested in becoming something in the math or science fields, due to her love of those subjects.

Finally, Sawrey took an opportunity to thank her teammates and coaches for the chance to play on the varsity team.

“I want to thank them because they are all really welcoming and especially the coach [Tracy Capone], she has really good practices,” said Sawrey, “The captains are really involved and they are nice.”

Senior captain Karly Bigham also had positive words to offer when speaking about Sawrey as a teammate and a friend.

“Caroline is a great player on the field. She’s a really solid defender, always hustles to every ball, and is always in the right position,” said Bigham. “She really works hard and plays so well especially for a freshman and new player just joining the team. Off the field she really fits in with the whole team.”