Junior’s Pizza surprises

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Junior’s Pizza surprises

Ben Walker, Sports Editor

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The Ghostwriter recently got a chance to eat at Junior’s Pizzeria in Acton. Although it is located within a small complex, it offers anything more than your average pizza shop.

When we first walked in, we noticed that it was a smaller restaurant, but it had plenty of booths and tables for customers to sit at.  There were also TV’s above the front counter for customers to view the menu, however it was not on when we first walked in. There was also a TV in the corner of the room playing regular cable programs.

Once we got our hands on a menu, we ordered a large side of chicken tenders, a large side of onion rings, a small cheese pizza, and 3 refrigerated drinks. Our total was just about $28.00.

After about ten minutes, all of our food was delivered directly to our table.

First, we decided to try the chicken tenders, which was probably our favorite part of the meal. It had great flavor, and was just the right amount of crispy, which kept making us want to grab another one. It was also a good size to split between three people, with each of us getting a few pieces of chicken.

Next we sampled the cheese pizza. While there was an overabundance of cheese, it was still balanced well with plenty of sauce. It also had great crust which not only tasted good, but it was well cooked. It was not too burnt, but also not too soft, the perfect texture for pizza crust.

We were very happy with the size of the pizza, since it was only split between two people. However, we do recommend purchasing a larger pizza to split between three or more people.

Finally, we tasted the large order of curly fries. This were much better than we expected, with plenty of crisp along with great taste. Although one large order worked for three people, we recommend buying two orders for four or more people.

In the end, we really enjoyed eating at Junior’s Pizza and would give it 4 out of 5 stars. The food was good, the sizes were good, and the service was quick and friendly. The menu was much larger than usual pizzerias and is bound to have something anyone can enjoy. We would definitely eat here again.

Junior’s Pizza is open everyday from 10am to 10pm. They can be contacted at 978-263-0267.

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