Yobite “medi-yogurt” at best

Andrew Friel, Staff Writer

One very popular item that teenagers and adults alike enjoy for a snack is frozen yogurt, and one location in the area to get this treat is a YoBite Frozen Yogurt in Chelmsford, MA. This shop is located within the same building as Sal’s Pizza, and there is no separation between the two businesses.

When first entering YoBite, one may notice that Sal’s takes up the majority of the area, with its sizable dining room. One may also notice that the YoBite cashier area is not actually manned with no employee working that area. We reluctantly walked in, confused at this sight. To our relief, a Sal’s worker, who appeared to know what she was doing, took the area, so we went over to the self service yogurt machines.

The first thing that stood out to us was the flavor selection, with a heavy amount of fruit flavors that would not suit all people. I settled on a small cup of a mix of chocolate mint and vanilla yogurt. The sign noted that the location also offered hard ice cream, but we did not opt to sample this option.

The self service machines were a bit cumbersome to work with, requiring you to really push done on the handle to be able to get yogurt in your cup. I eventually made it to the toppings bar, where I loaded up on candy and chocolate chips.

After weighing the yogurt on the scale, the price came out to around $6. The sitting area is rather limited, as it is right against the pizzeria.

Upon sitting down and taking my first bite, while it was an enjoyable one, it was nothing to write home about. the flavors were pretty generic and did not bring anything special to the table. This was the same story for the toppings, with the select being similar to other local froyo shops in the area.

The price was pretty expected from a place like it, sand it amy actually be one of the cheaper frozen yogurt shops around. In conclusion, while this was a decent location for frozen yogurt in the local area, but it may not be worth the drive out to the center of Chelmsford, since there are other places exactly like it in Westford.