Craving a Calzone?

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Hungry Yet?

By Ryan Auger
Staff Writer

Over the past few years, a new food craze has hit Westford residents. Chicken fingers, buffalo chicken fingers, french fries, pepperoni, pineapple, meatballs, bacon, and even mozzarella sticks are now being used in an Italian classic to create one of the most popular foods in Westford: the calzone.

The calzone originates from Italy. It’s a large piece of dough filled with assorted cheeses and toppings. Usually, calzones are made with only one topping, which is loaded inside. However, now people are starting to order crazy combinations, which include two or even three toppings. Chicken fingers and Cajun fries is one of the most popular combinations. One of the most popular single topping calzone is filled with buffalo chicken fingers. It’s “ordered on a daily basis on weekends” according to WHOP management.

Westford House of Pizza or “WHOP”, and Nashoba Pizza and Seafood are the case of this recent craze. These two establishments in Westford are owned by the same management and produce similar items. Of course both produce the calzones that cause calzone cravings, but some prefer Nashoba due to its seating and bigger location, whereas others prefer WHOP for its location next to Tedeschi’s, a popular convenience store.

The people working at Nashoba could also contribute to the many reasons that have people wanting a calzone. The workers and manager are very kind and tend to always get orders right. On the rare occasion that they do mess up, they let you keep the original order and the mistake order at no extra cost. They make sure they get the order right and at a very efficient speed. If they fail, the customer is rewarded.

The cost of the Calzones are typically the same from the two establishments. For example, a large calzone with one special topping ranges around $16, or with a regular topping such as bacon or pepperoni would cost around $12, a reasonably cheaper cost. The size of the Calzones are nearly identical at both places, and the quality at both is excellent..

Photo credits to for their Review of Westford House of Pizza.