Uprising Artist, Trevor Buckingham, Featured in Deadfish

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By Ryan Auger, Staff Writer

Deadfish' Logo

Deadfish, an up and rising band, starring Trevor Buckingham, a senior at WA has been getting more attention due the number of shows they have been performing in the past few weeks.

Notoriously known as “T-Buck”, Buckingham began his musical career and writing lyrics at a young age. He then joined Deadfish in January 2010.

He “finally got to showcase [his] talent with Deadfish and expand [his] horizons past hip-hop,” said Buckingham.

This band covers many different styles of music such as Reggae, Rock, and Hip-Hop.

Deadfish includes, Travis Nadow, Zach Taylor, Dana Shoults, T-Buck, and Taylor Davis. All the Members of Deadfish are ages 18 to 19.

Members of Deadfish

Nadow, leads the band on guitar, and Davis is the Drummer for Deadfish. Shoults and Taylor play bass and rhythm guitar respectively. Buckingham mainly is the vocals of the group, but the rest of the group also contributes to vocals in various songs.

Deadfish compares themselves to Sublime, a very well renowned band in the late 90’s and is still known today with one of their most popular singles “What I Got”. Deadfish features many styles of music that appeal to the old, young, and everywhere between.

Buckingham explained the meaning to one of their top songs, “As We Run”.

“It’s about living life to the fullest and just having fun. We’ve had a great reaction to it and seems to be enjoyed by all our fans,” said Buckingham.

During my meeting with Buckingham he had some wise words for all other musicians out there.

“Never give up, is what I’ve learned is important. Even when there is tension between members or it seems like it will be a bad show, we always have to give it our all. This always results in an award. This has happened to us a couple times in Battle of the Bands. We had to play first to a small crowd but won 1st place both times, one which included 50 other bands.”

Buckingham in his Personal Studio

Many shows have been performed by the group at local venues such as the Tiki Bar, and many other venues in the Boston area over the summer. The group has a show at the Outlook Restaurant at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area this Saturday, but it’s for ages 21+. Deadfish hopes to perform at a Parish for its younger fans sometime in November.

Deadfish is currently finishing up their first studio album set to release some time in spring 2011.

More information on Deadfish can be found on their Facebook page “Deadfish”, and several other social networks. Their music is available for listening to on their webpage, www.deadfishmusic.com.