One Stop Fun-draiser

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lsBy Kai-Lou Yue
News Editor

Most students at Westford Academy have not gone to One Stop Fun, a large indoor playground in Westford, since they were young kids. However, this Friday, February 6th, at 6:00 p.m., a fundraiser for Physical Education teacher Meredith Kehaias and her family will be held at the playground for members of the community and WA students who want to support them.

A few weeks ago, Kehaias’s husband passed away, leaving her with young children to support. Consequently, the class of 2015, headed by  Class President Jack Leeber, Vice President Thea Lacerte, Secretary Maddie Seraphin, and Treasurer Karun Kannan organized the fundraiser to raise money for her and her family.

“So many seniors and so many students in general love Mrs. K and truly care about her. As a class, we wanted to do something to help her out during this very difficult time,” said Leeber. 

At the event, both of the gyms at the location will be open, so students will have a chance to go to play in the main playground, trampolines, foam pits, zip line, and rock wall. In addition to the students, members of all ages from the Westford community are encouraged to attend. 

The students found it easy to plan the event at the indoor playground, as Leeber and other WA students work there year round. They were able to ask the owner if they could use the space for a night for a fundraiser.

Not many kids in the school have been to One Stop Fun since they were very little, [and] I know that it will bring back great memories of everyone’s childhood,” said Leeber. 

This is the second fundraiser for Kehaias, as on January 22nd, there was a Throwback Teen Center fundraiser hosted at WA with raffles and different activities for students to participate in at WA.

“To watch something initiated by the student body like this was heartwarming. It made me proud because they recognized a problem and they also recognized something they could do. […] It was remarkable,” said Health and Wellness teacher and Curriculum Coordinator Sean O’Leary.

Kehaias herself attended the TeenCcenter event, and intends to attend the upcoming fundraiser at One Stop Fun.

“I am so appreciative of all the generosity and support that I have been afforded by the students, staff and administration and the town of Westford’s community. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such a stellar group,” she said. 

Because the previous fundraiser had such a successful turn out, it is anticipated that many people will attend the upcoming event as well.

I think the fundraiser will be very successful. Almost everyone in our grade has had a class with Ms. Kehaias, so we all want to help out. The Class of 2015 has always shown great participation, so I think a lot of students will attend,” said Seraphin. 

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