Di Napoli does not disappoint

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By Ben Walker and Andrew Friel
Staff Writers

Recently, the Ghostwriter got the chance to eat Di Napoli Pizzeria located on 439 Littleton Road in Westford, MA. Di Napoli is a small shop, on the Littleton border. When we walked in, the ordering counter was right up front. Ordering our food was quite simple, however, a bit on the pricy side for what we ordered. The total came out to be about $33.

Di Napoli has a calm and quiet atmosphere. Many people come in and out with different take out orders. There is music in the background and a TV on the far right side of the restaurant, however, it was not on during our visit. There is also a wide variety of refrigerated drinks, ranging from soda to water. We purchased a water and an iced tea.

The service was very helpful and friendly. They supplied us with everything we asked for and they waited patiently while we ordered.

Foods that were sampled included a small cheese pizza, a small steak bomb, chicken tenders, onion rings, and french fries.

The food came out within reasonable time, and was delivered directly to us. The pizza took an additional few minutes, but was not an inconvenience to us.

First, we tried the steak bomb. This was a steak sandwich with different vegetables, like onions and peppers. There were plenty of vegetables to add different tastes to the meal. It also had plenty of steak, which had great flavor. All of this was inside of well-toasted bread. This meal definitely hit the spot.

Next, we tried the chicken tenders. The flavor was very unique however tasted very good. They were tender and came out hot, however, they could have been a bit crispier. Also, we were not disappointed in the amount of tenders that were served to us. All in all, this was a solid meal that was very satisfactory.

A small cheese pizza

A small cheese pizza

With the tenders and steak bomb, we got a side order of onion rings and french fries.

The fries were full of good flavor and very crispy.They were definitely an excellent side to the tenders. The onion rings were also very appetizing. They had plenty of flavor. We especially liked that they didn’t fall apart. A person is able to bite right into them. The rings had good size and were plentiful. We were very pleased with our side orders.

Finally, we sampled the small cheese pizza. The pizza was unique in flavor but still very good. It was made to perfection and the dough was very tasty. The crust was easy to eat and not too hard. However, the best part was the sauce. It tasted great and went very well with the cheese and dough. Di Napoli pizza is undoubtedly worth trying.

Di Napoli also has different desserts to choose from, but we decided not to purchase anything.

Overall, Di Napoli Pizzeria is a great establishment. The saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” definitely applies here. Although the place may seem small on the inside, the food is extremely tasty. We would definitely dine here again. Di Napoli deserves 5 of 5 stars for it’s food quality.

Di Napoli is open everyday except Sundays, from 11am to 10pm. They can be reached at 978-486-8050.