Aprile’s European Restaurant Satisfies

Olivia Caron
Staff Writer

Aprile’s European Restaurant is located 75 Princeton Street North Chelmsford, MA  01863 in the old Chelmsford Mills. Overall this was an awesome restaurant with phenomenal food, but the prices can be a bit high for the average high schooler. This would be a great place to go with your family rather than a group of friends. The atmosphere of the restaurant is a little more than casual, but not quite formal. Bread and bread crackers are brought to the table before the meal. The bread was fresh and tasted best with the oil at the table. The table has garlic infused olive oil. There is also cheese and crushed red pepper which can be added. If butter is preferred, it is available upon request.

Bread and crackers
This is a basket of bread and bread crackers that is brought to the table.

To start off the meal, an order of fried mozzarella was placed. When the appetizer arrived at the table it was presented in a nice, clean looking manner. The mozzarella had a nice outside that was crunchy, whereas the inside had the nice melted cheese. The sauce that the mozzarellas sat on had a light, flavorful taste. The amount of sauce on the plate was small, so not all of the fried mozzarellas got sauce. Put together, this appetizer was very well presented and flavorful.

Fried mozzarella
Six fried mozzarellas on top of a plate of sauce

Before the main dish, there are many soups and salads that can be ordered. I ordered the caesar salad and it was excellent. The amount of salad on the plate was minimal. The caesar salad was a light dish, it was not too heavy for a starting salad. The salad was overall and enjoyable stat to the main meal.

Caesar salad
This is the plate with caesar salad.

For the main course, veal parmesan with penne pasta arrived to the table. The veal was excellent, flavorful and not dry, but the penne was boring by itself. It is good with the veal but alone it is nothing special. The sauce on the meal tasted fresh, and had a unique flavor that complimented the dish.

Veal parmigiana and penne pasta
The veal parmigiana sits to the side of the penne pasta

For dessert, there was chocolate gelato. This gelato was very rich with its chocolate flavor, but it was still a nice way to end the dinner. The gelato was not like a soft serve, and was thicker than normal ice cream. Overall, this was a really simple dessert to end the meal.

Chocolate Gelato
A thick chocolate gelato with wipped cream on top.

The overall price for my dinner alone was $47. This restaurant can become a bit pricey for the average meal with a friend, but with your family it would be a great place to go. The whole dinner was great from the meal to the service. The food was presented in a nice manner, and it came to the table very quickly. If you would like to see the menu, or get more information about  Aprile’s European Restaurant click the link here for details.