Spirit Week: Freshman Perspective

By Ben Walker
Staff Writer

The senior class ready to win at the spirit rally

Many freshmen think of the upperclassmen stereotypes in high school. Being shoved into a locker, verbally intimidated, or even receiving directions to the non-existent pool on the roof of the school, all because you are newest to the school are fears that some freshmen have. But for the most part, these stereotypical intimidations don’t occur. Then, spirit week rolls around in October and when this week comes, the freshman class is considered the weakest of the school.

For seniors this is a special week. It is their final year at Westford Academy and it is their final spirit week. So from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, they put in 100 percent effort. But for freshmen, many are skeptical about the whole week. Are we really supposed to participate? Are we supposed to try? And finally, is this just supposed to make freshmen look like total losers?

From Pajama Day to Formal Day many students come in with a variety of different outfits and costumes. Students are given a certain amount of points based on the spirit that they show and usually, freshmen earn the least amount of points and seniors earn the most amount of points. Sophomores and juniors typically fall in line, respectively. This year was a bit different, as the classes did not fall in order of seniority as the sophomores came in last place and the freshmen came in third place.

The most special part of spirit week came on Friday afternoon. On Friday, all of the WA students headed out to the fields for the annual Spirit Rally. This event was two hours of fun and games along with bantering between students of different classes. The rally consisted of different events including potato sack races, greased watermelon toss, wheel-barrow races, tug of war, and many more. In these events, students from every class competed against each other.

Each class wore their class t-shirt. Seniors stood out by wearing their all black t-shirts, and painting their faces black. In my opinion, the spirit rally was pretty fun and very exciting. Although the freshmen only won a single event by default, the spirit rally was still a great experience. Each class showed lots of excitement and spirit. I think the rally brings out the best in all WA students. I also thought the rally was very unique. Yes, many schools may have a spirit rally, but I’m sure not many senior classes come in on a truck and run in with a school flag. Finally, I thought it was really cool how many different kids got involved in all of the different events. In the end, the spirit rally was the highlight of my week.

For me, the best spirit day was USA day. It was the day that brought out the most school spirit, as well as the most national spirit. There were a variety of different costumes and outfits that really made this day stand out.

All in all, I think spirit week was very cool. It gave me, a freshman, a good glimpse of what WA spirit will be like for the next few years to come. I thought Friday was the best day because of the spirit rally, and class spirit day. It makes us all feel proud to be in our specific class. I can’t wait for the next three years of spirit week, and the next three years of spirit rallies.