Girls’ Tennis advances to finals

The team gets together before the match to discuss strategies.

by Alok Ganguly
Public Relations

Today WA’s Girls’ Tennis team walked off the court with a victory in their semifinals match against Lexington with a score of 3-2. They have advanced to the finals, where they will face Andover, a team that has beaten them in the past.

Under a sweltering sun, the team began their match at 3:45, and almost an hour and a half elapsed before any matches came to a close. The first to finish was a victory for WA, courtesy of senior Sally Lee and junior Janice Huang winning a doubles match. They were excited about their victory.

“They were really good,” said Lee. Huang added, “We kept on our feet and we were really on today.”

The next match to finish was sophomore Sydney Kim’s, who lost in the second set. While she was frustrated, she still believed in her team to win, saying, “One thing about Westford is that we don’t quit even when we are down.”

Freshman Claire Yu also lost her match, but played with all of her might. Despite her loss, she still felt as though she played well and tried hard, and the rest of the team agreed with her and commended her effort.

Freshman Veronica Opp finished her match next with a victory, and was greeted with cheers from the rest of her team, as she tied up the scores.

Now tied 2-2, the match was about to come to a close. It all rested on seniors Natalie Bishop and Katie Hughes’ shoulders, as they were the only match to have a third set.

(From left to right) Coach Tracy Capone discusses tactics with sophomore Sydney Kim mid-match.

The crowd was silent as the rounds progressed, but cheered and applauded the girls every time they scored a point. Eventually, the cheering from their supporters outweighed the support from the Lexington team, and the girls were able to clinch a victory and win the match for the team, advancing them to the finals.

“We battled for every point,” said Hughes. “We knew that even if we were down by one point we could always come back, we could always win.”

The team met together and celebrated their victory after their wrap up with the Lexington team, and coach Tracy Capone was proud of the girls’ performance.

“The difference between Lexington and WA is just mental toughness. Our girls never gave up, even when they were down,” said Capone.