Smooth and Supportive at Open Mic Night

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By Ryan Auger
Staff Writer

On Sunday, the 26th of September the parish center held an open mic night.
“It is a great place to work on one’s performance skills. Everyone is very supportive because everyone is a beginner sometime.” said John Ferullo, who runs the Westford Parish Arts Center Open Mic Nights on every second and fourth Sunday night. Here, anyone can come and prepare an act of any talent level and perform. The mood was very supportive.

Some people do original acts and cover songs. Liz Buchanan and Gordon McFarland played an original song together, and Dan and Faith Senie also played original written songs.

Suzanne Owens, Betsy Binstock, and Cheryl Perrault shared some spoken pieces and poems.

Two artists, Robert Grappel and Lynda Cohen, played custom pieces on the autoharps with a soothing sound . Artist Ben Blum played a blues tune on the ocarina which was accompanied by piano and autoharps in the background. Jim Michener also performed and played a great piece on the fiddle.

John Ferullo was the feature act on Sunday. Other artists included Rich Mungo, Karen Gault, and Carolyn Wauters.

“We try to create a supportive community, and hopefully we do so and can continue to do so, to help artists who need to collaborate with others,” said Ferullo. This supportive community was apparent. If acoustic music is your style or you want to come and support some great local musicians, Open Mic Night is the place to be.