Late with Dunkin Donuts: arrestable offense?

By Catherine Pears
Staff Writer

As the 7:30 bell rings, it’s hard not to notice the number of Styrofoam cups with the pink and orange logo that we all know so well. Yes, these are the infamous Dunkin Donuts cups that seem to be glued to students’ hands every morning. This early morning routine may seem innocent enough, but to faculty members, it can be viewed as a disruption, annoyance, and even an implication of disrespect.

Refusing students a tardy slip has been the recent step by administration to not only deter students from coming into class late with a Dunkin Donuts cup, but also to decrease the number of tardy students.

“We saw a continuation of Dunkin Donuts coming into our school with our tardy students. Doing some data over the summer, our number one suspendible offense was tardies,” said Dean Bob Ware.

Westford Academy administration is concerned over the number of students going somewhere else before coming to school, causing them to be late.

However, the administration stresses that this is not a change in policy. “Just a reminder to students that they are expected to be here at 7:35,” Ware said.

There are two problems WA faculty see concerning coming into class late with a medium Coolatta in hand.

“It breaks up good teaching, stops momentum of the class, and breaks up the learning process,” Ware said.

As well as being a disruption to class, coming in late, when you clearly had time to get a coffee is just rude according to Ware.

“We want to heighten their awareness that it’s not the right thing to do. In the business world, if you come late for work, with a coffee in your hand, it’s the wrong message. It’s not the work habits that we want to instill here,” says Ware.

While some students may try to slip in late with their coffee, Ware hopes faculty will stay strong and send students down to guidance.

“We addressed the faculty at the beginning of the year. We want them to make a stand on kids coming in late with any type of product that showed that they have derailed from their route to Westford Academy,” Ware says.

If you’re worried about what will happen when you come in with your precious French vanilla latte at 7:36, you have two options: “throw it in the barrel or come back to us and finish it.”

Westford Academy is not against Dunkin’ Donuts. In fact, watching the number of students come in with Dunkin’ every morning, you may think Dunkin’ should start sponsoring some of WA’s teams. The heightened awareness of coming in late with a coffee isn’t a strategy to scare, just a reminder, Ware says.

“We want to remind these kids that it’s about creating good habits. Good habits are getting here on time. Be here on time and you can have a coffee,” said Ware.