Insidious 2: scary good

By Madhu Kaushik
Staff Writer

Insidious: Chapter 2, the sequel to the 2010 horror flick Insidious, premiered appropriately on Friday, September 13th. This sequel features the same cast, such as Patrick Wilson from Angels in America, Rose Byrne from Troy, and Lin Shaye from the buddy comedy Dumb and Dumber.

Chapter 2 begins with a flashback and transitions into the scenes after the gripping cliffhanger from the first movie. It follows the encounters of the Lambert family as they try and rid themselves of evil spirits of the dead. However, things don’t go as expected as the family uncovers secrets from their past and the mysteries of the ghosts that haunt them.

The film is rated PG-13, based on its somewhat-disturbing and gory content, and of course, because of the horror thrills. Fortunately for the audience, Insidious 2 packs more scares and terrifying characters than the first, a welcome addition to the series.

On the other hand, the sequel, though high on action and providing scenes that leave hearts hammering, does not quite build up the story line from the original film. Again, the characters seem innocent and oblivious to the problems before them, and the beginning scenes are predictable.

Some of the internal conflicts the characters face are redundant and the director does not explore the fictional yet exciting world of demons, even though this could have added some element of creativity to the film.

The storyline isn’t entirely unsatisfying, though. The audience is introduced to new concepts – including a spirit whose life has been unfulfilled, and a battle with an old enemy – but the scenes in the middle of the movie are filled with substantial gore and may make a sensitive viewer queasy. If you aren’t one to watch films with unsettling content, then this movie may not be the best option.

Regardless of the traditional horror movie aspects, Insidious: Chapter 2 skillfully incorporates new characters. Specs and Tucker, two lighthearted characters who help the Lamberts in warding off spirits, provide excellent comic relief. This is good for the majority of the viewers, but for die-hard horror fans, the splash of humor may only be a distraction.

Overall, the movie is more frightening and has a cleverer storyline than the first one. The characters are well-rounded and the message is clear and interesting. The only thing that decreases the excitement and anticipation is the ending. The film’s conclusion is bogus and somewhat unsatisfactory, hinting at a storyline following another family and ending on a cliffhanger, which was not nearly as thrilling as the first.

In the end, Insidious: Chapter 2 earns an 8/10. The storyline is easy to follow, but the repetition of ideas and the “cliffhanger” takes away from the excitement of watching the film. If you are willing to put aside some of the details, then this movie is a great scare.