Wacapella concert ends sucessful year for music department

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By Amy Keum
Staff Writer

Last Thursday,May 9th, the Westford Academy Music Department came together for their last concert of the 2012-12013 school year. Previously called Wacapella night, the annual concert featured the unaccompanied voices of the many singing groups alongside with the new addition of the string ensemble called the Troubadours.

The Troubadours kicked off the night of music with an exciting piece from the soundtrack of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The group is composed of middle schoolers and WA students who all had to try out to join. The talented troupe continued on to more classical pieces, performing “Eine Leine Nauchtusic” in Allegro and Menuetto. They finished up with a captivating work called “American Landscape” by Soon Hee Newbold, which concluded the instrumental portion of the evening.

Next up, the entire choral department took the stage with a throwback to the 70’s. Singing Earth Wind and Fire’s hit song “September”, the ensemble filled the auditorium with a groove that kept the audience’s feet tapping to the beat.

Then, with the first duet of the night, freshmen Jasmine Gutbrod and Claire Shea took center stage with a delicate and adorable rendition of the traditional piece “I’ll Fly Away”. The two girls joined in unison and used their voices together to complement each other’s producing the perfect harmony.

Finally came the portion of the night when the WA seniors would take their final entrance to the stage in their high school chorale careers as the Honors Choir began. To begin the set, they started with the timeless classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” with a solo by Leah Detolla. Detolla hit some meaty lower notes and riffed her way up into the higher pitches, adding to the overall class of the performance. They then continued on to sing the popular “Somebody That I Used To Know” and brought the audience back to the modern era.

To spice things up, the choir brought out a Visayan folk song called “Rosas Pandas”. It was a festive tune that brought a sense of culture to the night.

To finish off the Honors Choir portion of the night, Senior Alaina Baker and Juniors Katie Hughes and Michele Serino brought out their cups and a table for their popular performance of “Call Your Girlfriend”. This piece snagged them first place at WA’s Got Talent a few weeks back.

Saying goodbye to the senior class, came with many tears and memories as the awards ceremony came forward. Seniors such as Isabel Ment, Alaina Baker, and Leah Detolla received awards for their time in the WA Music Department along with many others.

To finish off the night, Wacapella, WA’s one and only a capella group, filled the stage and began the second to last song of the night, “Renegade” with solos by junior Ryan Cole, senior Will Beatty, and freshman Sai Balabahadrapatruni.

Last but not least, the ensemble finished up with their rendition of “Kiss Him Goodbye”, continuing on the longtime tradition of literally saying “Goodbye” to the family members, friends, and seniors who had come along this journey.