Non-mainstream essentials: July/August 2010

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By Nick DiNatale

Staff Writer

Seeing that we’ve been rather busy for the last few months, I’ve sort of lost track of what’s been coming out for new music. However, I still managed to develop a strong liking for Call The Cops, a young band from Long Beach, California with a heavily pop-influenced sound. Their debut album, which is self titled, was released back in June through MySpace Records. It was a follow-up to their EP, Motion Sickness, which was released in 2009.

Since the EP, the band has played multiple dates of the Vans Warped Tour, in both 2009 and 2010. They are currently playing the final few shows of The Hot Over Summer Tour with Stephen Jerzak, Let’s Get It, and Plug In Stereo. In our recent interview with the band’s guitarist, Robert Mccann, at Transmission Festival, he told us that after the band completes the tour, they will be returning to California in order to take some time off from touring, which they have been doing for a solid three months.

Even with all of the touring, Call The Cops isn’t incredibly well known. Since pop bands are a dime a dozen, there aren’t a huge number of them that gain a lot of popularity when they aren’t in the mainstream music scene. Call The Cops is one of the few bands that has a good chance of breaking out. Their music combines a manageable level of cheesiness (less than most pop bands) with an extremely high level of catchiness. The album does a great job in hooking the listener and keeping them coming back for more. In addition to being catchy, the album is also very upbeat and easy to listen to.

Looking forward to the future for Call The Cops, they should focus on developing their sound into one that is more unique. More mature songwriting, along with deeper lyrics would very much benefit the band, and raise them above many other fellow pop bands. Also, once they receive the opportunity to tour with some more well known bands, Call The Cops will gradually build a larger following and receive much more publicity. They are all really nice guys and definitely deserve to have their band do well. Make sure to check out their music, here.

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