David Bowie stuns fans with release of “The Next Day”

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By Jocelyn Cote
Reviews Editor

Today, March 12, rock legend David Bowie released his first album in ten years, titled The Next Day.

Since the release of his last album, 2003’s Reality, Bowie has kept a low profile, leaving many to believe he had retired from the music industry for good. The Thin White Duke took both fans and critics alike by surprise in January when he announced the album, which was recorded over the course of two years in secret with producer Tony Visconti.  Despite being 64, Bowie’s vocals are still as impressive as ever and retain the singer’s classic range.

Don’t let the thrown-together cover art fool you (yes, that really is a rehash of the sleeve for Bowie’s 1977 album “Heroes”) – this is a 2013 album not to be overlooked. It touches upon all of Bowie’s signature styles – overall, it’s 53 minutes of pure, unadulterated glam rock.

The album begins with a bouncy title track that perfectly sets the stage for what is to come. It then segues effortlessly into the funky, horn-driven “Dirty Boys” and standout single “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”, which wouldn’t sound out of place on classic masterpieces such as Diamond Dogs.

With 14 songs, this album is no simple feat. Other standout tracks include the sweet, low-key “Where are We Now?” – the album’s first single released back in January, the fast-paced “If You Can See Me”, and the groovy “Dancing Out in Space”.

The album tops off with the fantastic trio of White Stripes-esque “(You Will) Set the World on Fire”, signature Bowie ballad “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die”, and finishes off with the grim but stunning “Heat”.

The album is already held in high regards, being hailed as one of the greatest Bowie albums in decades. In a sea of 24 studio albums, The Next Day will certainly be a standout of his discography for years to come.