Suppa’s: A gut-busting good time

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The front of Suppa’s. Courtesy of

By Alex Gounaris
Staff Writer

Tired of run-of-the-mill pizza shops offering nothing but mediocre, generic disappointment? Then consider Suppa’s, a godsend. Located right outside UMass Lowell on University Avenue, this hole-in-the-wall paradise offers some surprisingly inventive cuisine.

Suppa’s has a large selection of pizza, some more odd than others. The taco pizza is an out of the ordinary pizza option dressed in mozzarella cheese, hamburger, salsa, nacho chips, topped with lettuce and tomato.

Aside from pizza, Suppa’s also offers a wide variety of subs, sandwiches, salads, calzones, pasta dishes, and “sticks.” The stick is any filling wrapped in pizza dough and deep fried. One menu option reflecting Suppas’ roots is the Riverhawk, a homage to UMass Lowell’s hockey team, the Riverhawks. This flavorful but simple sub is filled with steak, sausage, pepperoni, salami, provolone cheese, pepper, onion, and mushroom.

The Fat Philly is a popular standout on the menu, and the reasons why are obvious. When this cheese topped behemoth came to my table, I had no idea where to start; this was by far the largest sub I had ever seen. The soft Italian roll could barely close around the mound of juicy shaved steak and french fries drizzled with barbecue sauce. As I took my first bite, I could taste every flavor coming together in a perfect storm of ingredients. I pulled the sub away from the first bite and saw the Mozzarella cheese from the Mozzarella sticks stretching across. Chewing through this Fat Philly was a workout in itself, but definitely worth every bite.

Suppa’s is conveniently located in the midst of University of Massachusetts Lowell, a hotspot for greasy lunch breaks and midnight pizza delivery. Inside the restaurant is a simple floor plan, similar to Westford House of Pizza or Presti’s. Although the interior may seem basic, the food is far from that. The staff moves quickly and the atmosphere is fast paced to accommodate the masses of customers and college students who have saved up weeks worth of couch change for this.

Finding the restaurant may be difficult: the place seems to blend seamlessly into its surrounding buildings, and it is situated in a web of narrow city streets. Parking is the most difficult aspect to overcome when visiting Suppas because there is scarce street parking. Although there is a parking lot very close by, you must feed a meter to stay in a spot. The drive from Westford to Suppas is approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

Despite the extended drive, complex city layout, and bothersome parking meters, Suppa’s is worth the trip to experience the massive and mouth watering menu options that will send even the most championed chow lovers into a pleasant food coma.