Non-mainstream essentials: June 2010

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By Nicholas DiNatale
Staff Writer

June’s largest success: VersaEmerge’s Fixed At Zero

Looking back at June’s releases, there were a number of very solid records produced. From Hawthorne Heights’ fourth full-length, Skeletons to Pierce The Veil’s sophomore album, Selfish Machines, the month did not disappoint. However, one of the most fulfilling records of the month was the debut full-length of the female-fronted alternative-rock band, VersaEmerge. Entering June, the release of their debut full-length was anticipated, but not necessarily as highly as other records, coming from bigger names that were slated for release during the month. VersaEmerge rose to the challenge and produced a record that draws you in, and just won’t let you go. Unfortunately, with a female-fronted rock band, the thought of “Paramore sound-alike” comes to mind fairly easily. However, that thought can easily be disregarded in this case. Sierra Kusterbeck is not Hayley Williams, and VersaEmerge is not Paramore; in a good way. The best way to find this out is through listening to the album, not just reading about it.

Go listen to: “Stranger”

Another product of June that deserves to be mentioned is the Chiodos demo track, “Thermacare”, which leaked during the month. The track was recorded while frontman Craig Owens was still part of the band, and shines some light on what will hopefully be a successful new album from both Chiodos, and Craig’s new band.

Looking forward to July:

1. The Maine’s Black And White (7/13)

The highly anticipated follow up to their 2008 debut full-length Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop will be The Maine’s first record with Warner Brothers Records. Black And White will propel the band through their first ever headlining tour this summer, which is titled An Evening With The Maine. Look for a similar, but more mature sound on the new record, which will be found on July 13th.

2. For All Those Sleeping’s Cross Your Fingers (7/20):

The debut album of popcore band, For All Those Sleeping is shaping up to be a good one. The two singles that the band has officially released are both heavy and catchy at the same time, which will bring a wide range of fans to the band. Look for the band on the Pyknic pArtery Tour this summer, and look for the album on July 20th.

3. Black Veil Brides’ We Stitch These Wounds (7/20):

Black Veil Brides may look like iconic rock band KISS on stage, but their music sounds nothing like them. The metal-influenced band has gained a very large following since coming together, and is now ready to release their debut album. They will be on the Sacred Ceremony Tour this summer playing songs from the new album which will be out on July 20th.