Spring Music

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By James Knowles
Staff Writer

Spring is in wake and with a new season comes new music.

Spring is known to everyone as the season of rebirth. When the green fields grow back their luscious grass, leaves sprout from the trees, myriads of flowers can be seen through out the various parts of town. So when you’re looking for a new musical playlist to jam too when you’re enjoying the warm weather on a casual drive, or enjoying a nature walk or simply just laying in a field of grass: here are some suggestions:

You American Idol fans might remember Brooke White, a top five finalist back in season seven? Well now with a Grammy nomination and holding the record of best Indie/Folk-Pop album debut ever, she has come a long way. Her album, High Hopes and Heartbreak is a soothing type of sound that can set someone at peace and the harmonies put together on this album are genius. These are the type of songs that fit nicely into going for a nature walk, or just trying to reach a state of zen. Some tracks to listen too: Sometimes Love, High Hopes and Heartbreak, When We Were One and Phoenix.

If you’re looking to jam out to some party music while driving aimlessly around in Westford or just to have a good time then these are recommended: Animal by Ke$ha, Jason DeRulo’s self-titled album, For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert. These albums collectively make prime songs to dance ridiculously to in your car and sing too. Some tracks to look out for are: (Ke$ha) Dinosaur, Blah Blah Blah, Party At A Rich Dude’s House. (Jason DeRulo) In My Head, Love Hangover, Ridin’ Solo. (Adam Lambert) Music Again, For Your Entertainment, Fever.

Some new artists to watch out for that are making a huge impact quickly in spring of ’10: The Script, Taio Cruz, La Roux, New Boyz and David Guetta.

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