Lend a helping hand for the Holidays

By Jenny Watts
Staff Writer

Although it’s easy to spend the holiday season cozied up by the fire, it’s important to remember to help out those in need. Local charities are always looking for extra hands, especially during this time of the year. Loaves and Fishes, Wheat, and Toys for Tots are three local organizations who would love and need help from anyone who can donate their time.

Wheat has locations Berlin, Boston, Clinton, Lancaster, and Sterling, and has helping those in need since 1982.

They provide many services, including food, clothing, shelter, emotional support, and loans to those with nowhere to turn. Each day a meal is served at the “Community Cafe”, which is a dining hall supported by food donations.

Wheat also has a thrift store, which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10- 5.

Wheat is always looking for more people to help serve at the cafe, and also accepts donations.

Loaves and Fishes is a charity which provides food and temporary support services to those who need it.  It is located on 234 Barnum Road in Devens, and provided food for 883 families in 2011.

Loaves and Fishes asks for people to donate canned goods, non-perishables, and basic toiletries. People can bring their donations to drop boxes in the area. Several can be found in nearby Littleton, at:

Citizens Savings Bank
Donelans Supermarket
North Middlesex Savings Bank
Littleton Police Department

Toys for Tots is a Navy- run charity which focuses on collecting new and unused Tots to give to less fortunate children. To support this charity you can donate a toy at a drop box, host a Toys for Tots event, or volunteer at a local warehouse.


To get more information on any of these charities, you can visit their websites at: