March: things to look for

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Phil Dominici
Staff Writer

March is upon on us! Not quite Winter and not quite Spring, this month often ends up being remembered for mud and it’s lack of days off from school.

So to liven things up a bit this month, here are a few pieces of entertainment to look for:

1: Album: One Life Stand, by artist Hot Chip. The latest album released by the electronic/pop group, One Life Stand has an overall softer sound to it that Hot Chip’s previous albums, noticable in the singer’s voice, but maintains all the synthsized keyboarding and guitar solos that make the band stand out. The songs are fairly consistent, and are all good listens. The album does, however, lack a major stand-out single like Ready For the Floor from their previous album.

2: Album: No Ones First, and You’re Next, by rock group Modest Mouse. Composed of B-Sides and unreleased tracks from the band’s two previous albums, MM’s latest album arrived in stores August 2009. Don’t be deceived by the B-Side description, though; many of the songs will make you wonder why they never made it to the earlier albums. The album contains a good mix of faster and slower paced songs with vast levels of changing sounds. If you are not already a MM fan, I would recommend listening to some of the band’s earlier work, as this album is a bit heavier. I recommend the single King Rat on this album.

3. Game: Bioshock 2, by 2K games for the PS3, XBox 360 and PC. The long awaited sequel to Bioshock was released  in North America Feb. 9th. I never played the first Bioshock, but that was no big problem as the well developed storyline engrossed me immediately.  The  game takes place in the late 50’s, with player taking control of a man who discovered the underwater city of rapture, a place where the brightest minds in the world came to live in peace – before the “bioshock”, that is.  All of the city’s denizens have been transformed into power hungry zombies known as splicers. The gameplay focuses around you, a  juggernaut character known as a “Big Daddy”, destroying zombies with an array of random, assorted weapons in the search for a girl you must find to stay alive. The single player mode is excellent, the multiplayer  gameplay is solid. I recommend this game for those not easily given nightmares. ESRB rating: M.

4. Television: Important Things with Demetri Martin, Season 2: Sketch/Variety series on Comedy Central.  One of my favorite comedy shows on TV, the new season began February 4th. Host Demetri Martin shows more comedy brilliance in the new episodes with plenty of new creative sketches and topics. Many themes and segments from the previous easons have returned here, too, such as the giant notepads, musical jokes and “Important Things things” store. The season is already about halfway through, but some episodes and jokes can be viewed OnDemand or on the popular New episodes air Thursdays at 10:30.