Sprouting a new menu

The greenhouse currently at Robinson.

By Kai-Lou Yue
Staff Writer

In an effort to promote healthy eating to comply with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” plan, junior Jenny Watts, cafe manager Colleen Wallace, physical education teacher Sean O’Leary, and principal James Antonelli are planning to grow a community garden. Along with the garden, they plan to use the greenhouse that is already at Robinson to grow food for the students at both Robinson and Westford Academy.

“We think that maybe we could start growing the plants, like tomatoes maybe, in the greenhouse first, then once they are big enough we can transfer them to the community garden… It would be so convenient for Colleen to just step outside and grab some herbs, like basil, when she needed to,” said Antonelli.

According to Wallace, some students are unhappy with the fact that they have to eat fruits and vegetables with every meal. Wallace hopes that by having fresh food grown right outside and put in the salads and meals, students will enjoy eating the food more. She is also excited about how fresh the food will be.

“… I’ll be able to go outside and take some herbs or vegetables and put it right inside the salads. I mean, you can’t get fresher than that,” Wallace said.

The greenhouse and garden may also hold some interest for students who enjoy gardening. When the garden and greenhouse get started up, students may be able to go and garden in the greenhouse after school, or if a club gets started for it, join the club.

“I just really want people to join in and support it. This is something I’m really passionate about; I hope that knowing that you helped make the food on your plate makes people want to eat healthier,” said Watts.