Bollywood Dance Club emerges out of WA

By Tim Delouchrey
Staff Writer

Another new club has been created this year at Westford Academy: the Bollywood dance club.

Health and wellness teacher Lauren Coffey, the group’s advisor, explained that Bollywood dance was a combination of Indian traditional dancing and hip-hop.

Coffey felt that there is a large Indian community at WA, and there was a need for this group to be represented in the extracurricular offerings.

“There’s definitely a need for club directed toward this culture and it is a hole I believe we are filling,” said Coffey.

Coffey also said that this was a learning process for her as she has not had any experience in this area of dancing. She explained that she liked to dance however and would love to learn about a new culture, making this the perfect opportunity.

Captain and co-captain Aneri Shan and Karen Mathew have plenty in mind for the club, including a possible performance on WA Idol.

Coffey also said that they were planning a possible field trip to go and see a professional show.

They have hopes of turning their meeting area into a dance studio and hope to eventually create a team and do showcases.

The club meets in room 105 on Wednesdays.