There’s a new chemist in town

Mr. Costa is new to the science department.

By Emily Ruggiero
Staff Writer

Dan Costa is a new chemistry teacher in the science department.

Q: How long have you been teaching high school?

A:  This is the start of my eighth year. Last year I taught in Salem, MA., before that I taught in Lynnefield for five years, and started my career in Melrose.

Q: What inspired you to teach at a high school level?

A: I spent twenty-five years in the high tech industry. When I was in high tech I did several jobs that required me to teach and assist people in using the products that our company designed. Several people observed that I was really good at it. I really got the presentation part.

Q: Did you have to go back to school to become a chemistry teacher?

A: I am going to school now, I am working towards getting my masters degree in technology so I can get my initial license.  Ultimately at the end of next year I will have my masters in education.

Q:  How did you decide to teach at WA?

A: Generally the schools advertise openings and you look into the schools to see if they are okay. The Boston Magazine rankings are a big help, WA was in the top thirty schools in the state. When I saw this I was like “wow, that looks like a good place to work!”

Q: Has your experience at WA so far been positive or negative?

A: All positive, [they are a] great group of kids, I love it here. Everyday I get excited to see the kids and I hope I do them proud.

Q: What types of hobbies do you enjoy outside of the school?

A: I play hockey in an over fifty league. I played hockey in college; I was the goalie. I used to golf, but it has been three of four years since I took out the clubs.

Q: Do you see yourself retiring as a teacher?

A: I can see myself doing this for a long time, and for sure retiring as a teacher.