Westford’s Hidden Gems: Sandrino’s Pizza

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Buffalo chicken calzone

By Alexander Lee

“Where is Sandrino’s? I’ve never been there before” is the most common phrase I hear when I talk about Sandrino’s, a pizza place located on 175 Littleton Road, Westford MA.

Even though Sandrino’s is in the same plaza as D’angelos and across the street from Subway, surprisingly it is still unknown to most WA students.

Having opened just two years ago, Sandrino’s took over Pizza Express when new management bought the business.

I first tried Sandrino’s pizza this summer; I had never heard of the place, but I was eager to try one of Westford’s newer pizza joints. We called, and ordered three pizzas: two buffalo chicken and one pepperoni.

It took around thirty minutes for our food, and the pizzas were still hot when they arrived. The pizza was a traditional Greek style, thicker, softer crust with a heavy layer of cheese. The sauce was sweet and salty, and toppings were fresh.

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the food that day. The pizza was comparable to WHOP, Presti’s, and NHOP, so I was curious as to why Sandrino’s wasn’t getting more attention, especially because they offered delivery.

This is why I chose Sandrino’s to be the first of a new series of Westford restaurant reviews I’m doing: I’m going to highlight some of Westford’s hidden gems, those food-joints that you always see but never enter. Hopefully, through these articles, I’ll be able to give the deserved recognition to these hidden gems.

I went to Sandrino’s last weekend and decided to order one of their Calzones. I already knew the pizza was decent, but to get a true gauge of the place, I would have to eat the other most common fare.

The restaurant was small but cozy. It was the classic American pizza place with a large block letter menu up front and a couple tables for eating. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Calzone, and after around a fifteen-minute wait, the food was ready.

The first thing I noticed was that the Calzone was fundamentally different than WHOP Calzones. Instead of being pizza shaped, it was almost like a thicker baguette. The chef had scored the top of the bread six times, and I could see the melted cheese and spicy buffalo chicken inside the crust.

The first bite was very good. Everything was very warm, and the flavors were very crisp. The texture of the crust was tastefully chewy, and the proportion of buffalo chicken to cheese was standard. I especially liked the chicken, still juicy with tangy sauce.

The more of the Calzone I ate, the more impressed I became. How could this quality of food go undetected in Westford for so long! I finished everything in thirty minutes and was very satisfied with my meal, for a very reasonable price of $9.00.

I highly recommend Sandrino’s, especially if you’re looking to get delivery. Quality food at a fair price: what a hidden gem!