Cafe Night: What’s to come?

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By Radhika Akhil
Staff Writer

Cafe Night, one of last year’s biggest hits, is rapidly approaching. English teachers and co-coordinators, Jeffrey Kucaj and Jessica Lang, are working together with students to put the finishing touches on this upcoming event.

Most people have not heard of Cafe Night, since the first one was only last year. Lang and Kucaj both agree last year’s event was a hit, and they both hope this one will be, too.

Cafe Night is sponsored by two of Westford Academy’s clubs, Guitar Club, headed by Kucaj, and Beyond Words, the Academy’s literary magazine headed by Lang.

Unlike last year, Lang and Kucaj agreed with students to have auditions, since last year there was the issue of time management. Students, along with Kucaj and Lang, decided to be the judges. They were looking for stage presence, originality, and appeal, just to name a few attributes.

Ticket prices are $5 per person, and $8 at the door. Tickets are on sale now for Cafe Night during lunch blocks. Proceeds from the event will go to Haiti, to fund their recent earthquake.

Adam Ciampi, who will be performing for the event, believes this year’s event will be more successful than last year since there are more sets and therefore more entertainment.

Kucaj will also be performing along with English teacher Brain Mahoney. They will be singing and playing guitar, but they decided to keep the song names a secret. Regarding their rehearsals, Kucaj said, “I think this year, the audience will know not to expect too much from us. Our talent level is mostly the same.”

Lang is confident that Cafe Night, if it is repeated every year, will encourage the Arts, and it will become “…part of the school culture and fabric of WA. It’s great to see different students all coming together to celebrate art, music and literature.”