Chipotle Spices up Westford Food Scene

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Matt Miller

Staff Writer

On December 16th, the Chipotle franchise officially opened in Westford, a dream come true for WA students. Mexican food is popular among young people and Chipotle Westford proved to be an exceptional establishment. On a recent Saturday afternoon, The Ghostwriter visited  the restaurant. The experience itself was great, but not without flaws.

Chipotle was not as crowded as anticipated, which was peculiar for a Saturday afternoon. Because of the appeal of this new restaurant, the lines have sometimes been quite lengthy, but not on this particular Saturday.

The decor was typical of most Chipotle restaurants. But, it seemed a bit too metallic. If it had a little more pizazz to it, it would be more appealing. Another oddity was that some of the tables still had food bits on them. Some stray bits of trash had managed to miss the waste baskets. It seems sanitation needs to be a higher priority.

The wait in line only about a minute or two. The staff of the restaurant were well trained, for the most part. On this occasion, the burrito-wrapper could have used a little more training. A chicken burrito and small soda, the typical entree that I purchased. The staff handled exceptionally well an order of a chicken burrito and a small soda, asking about any special requests. They understood this patron’s wants perfectly. The only issue that arose was the way my burrito was wrapped.

The Chicken Burrito was a well-crafted, delicious, stupendous and laudable dish. All the natural, palatable ingredients were wrapped together by a flour tortilla. The grilled chicken was tender and juicy and was grilled to perfection. All the ingredients assisted meshed together and sealed the deal. And the salsa added a whole other dimension to the cuisine.

The meal was not expensive. For the burrito and the soft drink, it only cost about $8.55. The food was well worth this price.

Overall, the experience to the Westford Chipotle was an enjoyable one. The food was well prepared, the service phenomenal and the prices affordable. However it falls a bit behind in terms of cleanliness.