2009: Year in Review

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By: Aishwarya Vishwanath and Radhika Akhil

Staff Writers

2009 was an eventful year, from President Obama’s inauguration, to Michael Jackson’s death, to Avatar’s release. We at Ghostwriter are summing up the year in three top events, however the events that we include in our Top 3 of 2009 are those that have had a great impact on WA. So, without further ado, we present to you, in chronological order, WA’s Top Three Events of 2009:

1) “OBAMAnia”
Multiple times throughout 2009 WA has been affected by “Obama-nia”. On January 20, 2009 at 12:00pm, televisions throughout WA broadcasted the presidential inauguration. Students watched as President Obama and Vice President Biden were sworn into office by the Chief Justice.

Later in the year, in September, students listened to President Obama’s back-to-school speech.

Sophomore Mustafa Buxamusa, feels that overall, listening to these speeches have been beneficial to WA and are influential for students. He says, “I myself, was looking to hearing the speech and I was enthusiastic about being able to hear it in school. The speeches of Obama are very important to us students. They inform us about what is going on around this nation and they tell us about our greater good as well.es.” In those ways, “OBAMAnia” is a top event of 2009.

2) Justin Bieber
One of the most successful teenage popstars, Justin Bieber, debuted with his album “My World”, in November 2009 and became an instant success. The next album is to come out in March of 2010.

Students of Westford Academy had different opinions about Justin Bieber. For example, sophomore Alicia Desrochers said, “Justin Bieber is obnoxious. His voice gives me a migraine,” whereas sophomore Mustafa Buxamusa said, “He’s a good singer. I will give him that, but I am stongly against him expressing feelings of “love” to his young audiences across the globe.” Die-hard fans are being dubbed as “affected by Bieber-fever”. And so, Bieber is one of the top events of 2009.

3) Twilight Saga: New Obsession
The second movie of the Twilight Saga, New Moon, came out November 20, 2009, a day that teens nationwide were anticipating. Students at WA, too, were wildly looking forward to the day of the release.

Ana Raso, a sophomore, saw the movie three times in all. Another sophomore at WA, Danielle Victory, went to see the movie on the 20th, although she was not as into the series as other girls, not having seen it at midnight. However, Not all teen girls are obsessed with the series as the media depicts them to be. Sophomore Mithali Shenoy, says she, “…wasn’t obsessed with it at all. I didn’t even see the movie…I don’t have an opinion [about New Moon], I was just going to see a movie.” These contrasting opinions are what makes New Moon a Top Event of 2009. New Moon’s release was a key moment in 2009 at WA.

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