Sherlock Holmes an imaginative adventure

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By Phil Dominici
Staff Writer

Sherlock Holmes, one of this winter’s most anticipated action movies, hit theaters Christmas Day. The movie has an excellent lead cast, including Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. Critically acclaimed and well received internationally, Sherlock Holmes has been nominated for a Golden Globe and is a box office hit which amassed over $62 million opening weekend.

The movie takes place in late 1800’s London, focusing on the latest case of the fictional literary detective Sherlock Holmes, played by the very capable Robert Downey Jr.. Sherlock and his trusted partner Watson, played by Jude Law, are on the trail of the evil Lord Blackwood, a sorcerer who has allegedly risen from the dead. With the help of the heart breaker, and former love of Holmes, Irene Harris (Rachel McAdams), the detectives follow seemingly minor details and clues on a search for a murderer and threat to English society.

What I find great about Sherlock Holmes was its attention to detail, from international references to the fashion of the time. 1800’s London is just as dirty and polluted as one would imagine, and the houses of the important politicians and ministers just as neat and proper. The dresses worn by the ladies are as flowery and neat as could be expected, and lower-class men can be seen wearing stereotypical stove top hats and soot stained torn rags worn as shirts. The only problem I found with the movie was the characters’ lack of strong cockney accents.

Defined by its complex, intriguing storyline, extraordinary action sequences, and the wit of its characters, Sherlock Holmes is a greatly enjoyable film. It is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure, love of hand to hand action sequences, interest in historic London, or anyone who has read the classic series of books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is rated PG-13.


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