Staff Picks: What We’re Listening to #3

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By: Kyle Auger

Sports Editor

Music is one of my main passions, and I am constantly on the search for new, better stuff. I have a pretty diverse taste, from Notorious B.I.G. to Rage Against the Machine, I like a little of everything. But currently, I am on a hip-hop or light rap kick, and the last two months have been filled with album releases, some that lived up to the hype and some that people still do not even know about.


The Game’s Hit

1) The Game’s The R.E.D. Album

After a long break following huge success, the Game hits the scene hard, with an album that seemed almost angry and personal. The CD features actual recordings of him and his wife before the birth of their daughter, Cali. The Game also attracted many stars of the business including Lil’ Wayne, Tyler, the Creator, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, and Drake.

Go Listen To: “Martians vs. Goblins”, “Good Girls Go Bad”




2) Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park

The young up and comer Malcolm McCormick, as known as Mac Miller released his first full CD and it was quite impressive. Venturing from his soft beats and slow songs, Mac creates song with more professional choruses, noticeably higher sound quality, and more party-like beats.

Go Listen To: “Loitering”, “Party on Fifth Ave.”

3) J Cole’s Cole World – The Sideline Story

The young Jamaican , J Cole has been a YouTube and mixtape celebrity who has created his first full studio CD and it seems to be an instant classic. The songs are long, triumphant, and are filled with all different types of beats. From techno to jazz, Cole’s voice sounds like he could handle any genre that was thrown at him. The best part of the album is obviously Cole’s flow, which makes every song great.


Go Listen To: “Mr. Nice Watch”, “Rise and Shine”

Jay Z and Kanye West’s Conterversial Album



4) Jay Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne

The duo that every one has been looking for has finally hit the scene with their controversial and unique album. The hype was unbearable, but the album received extremely mixed reviews due to the strange beats and amount of singing, but

personally I thought it was great just based solely on the quality of the raps.

Go Listen To: “Primetime” (Album Only), “That’s My B*tch”


5) Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel

Despite repetitive subject matter, the album was a great one, with the combination of Eminem and Royce da 5’9’ creating songs with interesting beats and even more intriguing choruses, with one even featuring comedian Mike Epps. Another album that flew under the radar, due to its’ lack of hype however it came through strong. The best part was the beats and the cleverness of the lines.

Go Listen To: “A Kiss”, “I’m On Everything”