Students Offer Dance WITH Grinding

Alexander Lee

Ever since the grinding ban was put in place at WA, the majority of students have felt that the quality of the dances has steadily declined, and thus have been looking for alternative solutions to the issue. Over the last few months, people petitioned, wrote essays, and proposed formal rule changes, but little progress was ever made.

Seniors Findley Payne, Ryan McDonald, and Jason Jani are now offering the solution that WA students have been yearning: They are holding a dance with grinding this Saturday on December 3rd at the Legion, a banquet hall in the Nabnasset Country Club.

The idea for the “Nab Rave” originates from their Entrepreneurship class, but is in no way affiliated with WA. There will be no WA administrators on site, but there will be some adults present and one police officer.

The dance will begin at 8:00 and end at 12:00. Tickets cost ten dollars, and any WA student can contact Payne, McDonald, or Jani if they wish to purchase one of the 280 spots. Furthermore, one third of the expected profit will be donated to the Shriner’s Burn Center at the Children’s Hospital.

The rules for the dance, according to Payne, are as follows:

“Attendees must be current Westford Academy students. The Nab Country Club has a ZERO drug and alcohol policy, so act accordingly. Once in the doors, you may not reenter the dance after you leave. Be safe and have fun.”

As for a DJ, they have hired DJ Don Disko, a nineteen year old professional disc jockey who has years of experience and over $75,000 dollars in lighting and speak equipment. If you want to learn more about him, he has a page on Facebook.

Payne believes that future events are definitely a possibility, but they depend on the turnout and reaction of the student body following the event.

“It is our hope that this dance will establish a high [standard] precedent for dances outside of Westford Academy and help us make a name for ourselves as exciting and popular event planning company among the student body” he said.

WA remains in anticipation to see how it will go.