WA basketball star earns a full-ride scholarship

By Devon Lindsey
Staff Writer

In late August, senior Asia Ewing received a full ride basketball scholarship to Stonehill College, and at WA basketball scholarships are rare occurrences. After being recruited by the school and visiting there, they offered her the scholarship to assure she would be attending Stonehill.

Ewing began playing basketball in 5th grade after being encouraged to by her father, who had played basketball throughout college. Her father would practice with her frequently as she began playing on teams; and by 8th grade her talent for the sport was really shining through.

As a freshman, she was already playing for WA’s varsity basketball team, and has continued playing through all four years. According to the team’s coach Russell Coward, her skill level has been something to fear for other schools, and as a result it is not too uncommon for them to double team her to try to at least stand a chance at winning.

Over the summer, Ewing played for an AAU team, which competed in tournaments where college coaches come to observe players they may be interested in recruiting. According to Ewing, with so many other talented players, it was hard to be sure how much colleges would take notice of her skills. However, they did take notice, and Ewing was recruited by various schools ranging from division three to division one.

She narrowed it down to two schools; Stonehill College in Easton Massachusetts, and Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. While Bucknell is a division one school, Ewing was not so sure of being so far away from her family. Also, because it was a division one school, she would have less playing time because of its heavily competitive nature, whereas in a division two school like Stonehill she would have more time on the court, along with some more freedom to do other things as well. During visits she had also come to get along with the coach and team. So when they offered her the scholarship, it made the decision process much easier.

Although Westford has a decent basketball program, there have been very few scholarship athletes, but it came as no surprise in this case.

“You definitely saw it coming.” said Coward.

Ewing however, was actually rather surprised, and glad that her parents would be relieved of paying tuition after everything else they have paid for her. It one of the reasons she had kept playing, in addition to just enjoying it, she had hoped that basketball would lead her to a scholarship opportunity, which it undoubtedly has.