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Student Spotlight: Saachi More

The Ghostwriter had the opportunity to sit down and interview freshman Saachi More for our Student Spotlight series. See the transcript below for the full interview.

Q: What is your name and grade?

A: Hi, I’m Saachi More and I’m a freshman.

Q: Is there anything you like to do outside of school?

A: Yeah, so I [play] volleyball [. . .] and I swim once a week.

Q: Do you do anything to relax?

A: I watch a lot of TV. 

Q: What shows?

A: I recently started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine because I finished Gilmore Girls, two weeks ago. [I finished] all seven seasons, and the epilogue show that they have. Then this Tuesday on our day off, I just watched Brooklyn Nine Nine. 

Q: Who’s your favorite character?

A: Probably Amy Santiago, she’s one of the top detectives [and I like her] because I relate so much to her in the way that she’s a perfectionist, like everything has to be done on time.

Q: Are there any other shows that you [watched] before?

A: I watched Gilmore Girls, as I said and I actually watched that on and off for a long time. Currently I’m watching Young Sheldon with my family. Every night at dinner, we watch Young Sheldon together, which I really like. I like detective shows, but I watched Criminal Minds one day with my dad, and then I was really scared, I could not sleep that night. So obviously, to that extent, I’m okay, but there’s a couple other detective shows out there that I like.

Q: Do you need it to be more rooted in fiction?

A: I don’t really think it matters. Because I feel like there’s a sense of reality to the police shows and detective shows. But then at the same time, I like Gilmore Girls, which is a complete comfort show, but which also I guess could definitely be a real scenario. You have a girl and her mom [who] was a pregnant teen, and her parents [who are] super rich and she had to run away from home [and start her new life]. So I think it definitely could be a real life scenario. 

Q: You just can’t have [the shows] be too [realistic]?

A: Yeah, I mean I like Gilmore Girls, it was just a little fast paced at times.

Q: How quick do you finish these shows?

A: Gilmore Girls took me a long time because I didn’t like the main character. When she got so annoying, I stopped the show. I don’t remember, but I think I watched a couple other shows in that time. I watched Pretty Smart, but yeah I watched a couple of other shows on Netflix before I was like, ‘okay, we need to finish Gilmore Girls,’ and then I finished it. Then I watched the epilogue which is called the Year of the Life, because I ended up liking the character more.

Q: Do you just not abandon shows, can you just not do that?

A: I did abandon [Gilmore Girls], I abandoned it for a couple of months actually, but then I had nothing else to watch on Netflix. So, I was like, this is the only show I have to watch, so let’s finish this.

Q: Do you watch cartoons or anything like that?

A: Actually over Covid during lockdown, me and my brother watched a ton of Netflix cartoons. He was in high school and I was in middle school. During lunch time, we would just eat our lunch, [and] we watched Avatar, we watched Johnny Test, we watched Scooby Doo. I think we finished it, we really were into Scooby Doo.

Q: What grade is your brother?

 A: He’s now in college.

Q: Like a freshman or?

A: He’s a sophomore in college.

Q: So you guys have never been in the same school?

A: No, we haven’t, never [have been] and probably never will be but that’s okay, cause I feel like that would be really weird seeing him and his friends around. I don’t think I could do that.

Q: Do you think that you and your brother get along?

A: Yeah, I would say we actually do compared to a lot of other siblings. I know we have a really close relationship. I know a lot of other people don’t feel as connected to their siblings, maybe don’t talk to them, but I just don’t think that’s me and my brother. I think it might be because of the age gap, [. . .] we never saw much of each other,  so [that] when we did, we always hung out or we talked to each other and we caught up on our day.

Q: What’s your brother’s name?

A: Suyash

Q: Yeah, do your parents’ name also start with S?

A: No, they’re both A names and they named both of us S names.

Q: Were [the names] a coincidence or on purpose?

A: I could not tell you.

Q: You never asked?

A: No

Q: Which one, knitting or crocheting? Which one’s good for someone who has no knowledge?

A: I feel like crocheting, just because knitting is really frustrating to me personally. I haven’t really gotten to that [point] like I only crochet two rows so far and I always undo it, redo it. So I can’t be talking.

Q: What are you trying to make right now?

A: A square. I’m trying to make a basic square.

Q: Do you think knitting helps make [crocheting] easier though?

A: I feel like knitting, it’s easier to create a square, as a final product. I just feel like it’s harder in the sense that [. . .] you do one wrong stitch and the whole thing looks wrong and then you have to undo the entire row, and then you have to redo it and then it still [ends up looking] wrong.

Q: Do you think you’re gonna stick with [crocheting] for like a while?

A: No, I don’t. In a month I’m gonna forget.

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