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Walking for a Cause: Nidhisha Bangaru leads sinus cancer walkathon

Provided by Bangaru
Bangaru stands with her family at the walkathon

In a heartfelt initiative to raise awareness and funds for sinus cancer research, senior Nidhisha Bangaru  spearheaded a walkathon dedicated to her late father, who passed away from this rare form of cancer.

The walkathon, which took place on Nov. 19, promised to be a community-driven event, rallying a large number of participants.  The event aimed not only to remember a loved one but also to make strides towards a future where sinus cancer is better understood and more effectively treated. To make the event even more impactful, Bangaru collaborated with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to sponsor and support the walkathon.

Sinus cancer, though relatively uncommon, can have a profound impact on individuals and their families. Bangaru’s personal connection to the cause has fueled her determination to make a difference.

“Losing my father helped me transform my grief into a positive change,” Bangaru said.

Bangaru’s brother and mother participating in the walkathon (Provided by Bangaru)

The primary goal of the walkathon was to raise funds for sinus cancer research, with all proceeds going to organizations dedicated to advancing understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of this relatively under-researched cancer type.  Bangaru believes that by coming together as a community, they can contribute to a future where sinus cancer patients have better chances of survival and improved quality of life.

“My main focus is to raise awareness and be able to donate money for others battling against this gruesome disease,” Bangaru said.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which she partnered with, provides expert, compassionate, and equitable care to children, adults, and their families, while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases. Their collective efforts express the determination for fighting against this form of cancer

Participants in the walkathon were encouraged to share their stories and experiences with sinus cancer, creating an open dialogue that helps break the silence surrounding this illness. Bangaru seeked to create a community that is supportive of those who are impacted by the disease and minimize the negative image attached to it.

“I was motivated to participate because I wanted to support a good cause started by one of my close friends,” senior Aditya Sengupta said.

As the event was live, the excitement and anticipation within the community continued to build. The Sinus Cancer Walkathon represented more than just a physical journey—it symbolized hope, remembrance, and the power of collective action. Bangaru’s dedication to turning her personal loss into a force for positive change serves as an inspiring example for others facing adversity.

“With the support from everyone who showed up to the Walkathon we can help more people battling with this disease. Even after this Walkathon is finished, I want to encourage people to donate to The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to continue to help,” Bangaru said.

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