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Amelia Margetts pursues music at Brigham Young University

Elitsa Koleva
Amelia Margetts poses with her violin for a photo in the WA PAC.

The deep sound of cellos echoes through a filled auditorium while basses and violas effortlessly incorporate their delicate notes, adding layers to the music. Finally, as violinists touch bows to instruments, a beautiful melody flows through the strings, truly tying the piece together. 

For class of 2024 WA graduate Amelia Margetts, the experience of playing in an orchestra, pacing herself alongside other musicians with her violin, has always inspired her, pushing her to continue pursuing her passion for music. Some of Margetts’s proudest accomplishments include playing at Symphony Hall in Boston as a part of the All-State Orchestra, as well as placing second in the Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra Concerto competition and Sempre Musick Concerto competition this year. This coming fall, Margetts will be attending Brigham Young University, where she will be majoring in Violin Performance.

Since picking up the violin at the age of three, Margetts has always been surrounded by music. Coming from a musical family, including her grandmother, who was a professional organist, and her parents, who pursued music up until college, Margetts has always felt supported to continue playing. In fact, it was her mother who was her first violin teacher, teaching her the basics through the Suzuki method.

My parents [are my number one inspiration because] they work really hard to let me be able to pursue my passions,” Margetts said. “My family’s been really supportive with me choosing music even though it’s not the easiest profession, but I know that with their support I can succeed at it.” 

In addition to playing at Symphony Hall in Boston, Margetts has been playing for the Next Generation Boston Ballet Youth Program for two years at the Citizens Bank Opera House, as well as the New England Conservatory Philharmonic Orchestra at Jordan Hall. For Margetts, being able to play in these spaces has been an incredible experience.

“I guess it was a little intimidating, being in such spaces that have been performing music for decades,” Margetts said. “But I feel like I was really inspired to work harder so I can continue playing there. Not just in high school, but after.”

According to Margetts, preparing for performances requires copious work, particularly for auditions or solo performances, where she has to memorize the music. To perfect a piece, Margetts listens to how the music should sound, reads the sheet music, and records herself if needed to see what she needs to work on. When playing with an orchestra, Margetts would have the music in front of her, which makes preparing for those performances easier. Still, each week is always busy for Margetts when it comes to performing and practicing the violin.

“I feel like I’ve come so far that I just really love violin and there’s not much that can take me away from my love, except for just overworking myself,” Margetts said. “Time management and scheduling fun activities with friends and other things that are outside of violin is really important.”

Aside from playing the violin outside of school, Margetts also took orchestra classes throughout her time in high school and played for the WA Troubadours, which she describes as a welcoming and very open community. From busking on the Boston Commons to performing at a local nursing home and the Holiday Bazaar, playing for the Troubadours has been an exciting experience for Margetts.

What has stood out to her is the community that comes with playing in an orchestra, especially with her peers in school, instilling a feeling of unity as she listens to the tempo and follows along with the musicians around her. According to WA orchestra teacher Zach Sawyer, Margetts has not only been a role model for her peers in orchestra but also incredibly supportive to everyone around her.

“Amelia has been a great leader for the orchestra this year,” Sawyer said. “She’s super easy to follow, just in her gesturing and the way that she plays with a really confident sound. And then sort of interpersonally in the rehearsal process, she’s great at communicating with other people and offering suggestions. She does it in a way that doesn’t make people feel bad about themselves, but just lifts the whole group up.”

In addition to playing the violin, Margetts sings and plays the piano, which she says allows her to better understand the music she performs through a different sound. During her senior year, Margetts also took AP Music Theory, which taught her about a variety of musical instruments, as well as learning how to write music and analyze chord structures.

While playing on her violin, Margetts likes to picture a story in her head to remember the piece. As is the case with the music she has learned to play recently by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev, Margetts enjoys learning about the music’s background because it helps her express the emotion within the piece.

“It’s really interesting to learn about how Russian music and backstories behind a piece of music are very different and unique. I feel like that helps me express more in my music when I understand the background,” Margetts said.

After a long audition process where she had to fly across the country to audition, Margetts is excited to attend Brigham Young University, where she will not only be able to see her extended family, explore the outdoors, and remain connected to her religion, but also continue growing as a musician. Margetts is ready for wherever life takes her, as long as it involves playing the violin.

“I’d love to tour around the world with an orchestra,” Margetts said. “[Maybe also] start my own violin studio. I’d also like to have a family. So that would be difficult if I were to pursue violin as a full-time career, but definitely teaching lessons to students would be my ultimate goal and inspiring other people.”

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