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Matt Miller
Staff Writer

Westford is home to quite a few Pizza establishments. Whether you prefer WHOP, Presti’s or Silver Palate, Westford has anything your palate desires. But there’s one recent addition that not too many seem to know about.

Where the not-so-prosperous Pizza Express once stood, Sandrino’s has been established for about six months. They are somewhat the underdogs of the pizza eateries in the confines of Westford. In order to tackle the new pizza joint, this reporter and a friend paid a visit to the “green” business.
Upon entering the eatery, we did not know what to expect. We had never visited before, nor had ever tried their cuisine. This reporter will summarize our experience and rate them using a system of one to five (five being the best).

The atmosphere of the restaurant itself was certainly welcoming. With appropriate décor, comfortably seating and a television to entertain while you wait, the atmosphere earns a 4.5.

Unlike the other restaurants, the service here was excellence. It took roughly about 8-10 minutes to serve both a pasta dish and small meat lover’s pizza and only four to produce a Caesar salad. The staff was very friendly and amicable. They understood our order and followed through. So for service, Sandrino’s deserves a five.

However when it comes to the prices, Sandrino’s falls somewhat behind. The total price for a small meat lover’s pizza, a pasta dish, a Caesar salad and two drinks came to about $30. It’s not too expensive, but is a bit much. So for prices, Sandrino’s receives a mediocre 2.5.

Now the most important factor, the food. The main course, a small, Italian style meat lover’s pizza, was a dish rich in flavors and juices. Despite the grease factor associated with this type of pizza, there was not much at all. Compare this to Presti’s meat-lovers pizza. Their incarnation is soaked because of the meat and cheese, which permeates even the most durable napkin. On Sandrino’s version, not so much. The dish itself had hamburger, pepperoni and bacon with an appropriate amount of sauce. The pasta dish, a ziti with marinara and zesty meatballs, was excellent. However, the only downside is their sauce. The taste was similar to that of sauce bought at a grocery store. The salad was average for most restaurants. It was rather oily and lacked flavor. It came with a dressing that was rather watered down. If the dressing were a bit creamier, the salad could have had so much more potential. So despite a few flaws, the food deserves a well earned 4.

Sandrino’s receives a rating of 16 out of 20. It has some flaws, but its well worth a visit and some. This reporter approves.