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Into the minds of WA’s freshman class: transitioning from middle school to WA

The WA sign at the front of the school.
Anushka Tekade
The WA sign at the front of the school.

It’s the third week of November, and the twelfth week of WA’s 2023-2024 school year. Most students are returning to familiar hallways and classrooms, with the exception of a certain group entering for their first time.

The class of ‘27, like every other class before them, has just been moved from their middle schools into the maze that is WA. Compared to Blanchard’s mere 120,000 square feet and Stony Brook’s 125,669, WA’s whopping 268,000 square feet, greater than both schools’ combined, can be overwhelming to incoming freshmen.

“This school is really hard to navigate because it’s huge, and the room numbers barely help,” freshman Juliette Thomas said.

However, the size difference is not the only challenge they face. Both middle schools’ scheduling systems are very different from WA’s. Stony and Blanchard operate on a six day schedule, with each student taking six classes a term, there being three terms per year. Students take either a 45-minute world language or academic support class every day, along with their four 55-minute core classes; English, math, science, and social studies. Their sixth class depends on the term, rotating between 45-minute engineering, health, and gym classes throughout the year.

Compared to WA’s 7 day schedule, where two classes are dropped every day and each day looks completely different, the middle school schedule is easier to follow, according to freshman Eva Patel. At the high school, instead of memorizing which number from 1-4 goes with core classes, students have to memorize which letter from A-G goes with all of your classes. 

“[The schedule] is way too complicated and hard to memorize, plus it changes every day,” freshman Keertika Nookala said.

The class of ‘27 did not necessarily get to see all their friends in their classes in middle school, but they always had lunch together. At WA, all four grades mingle together during four different lunches. This complicates schedules as well. Depending on a student’s fourth period class, the lunch they have that day changes, and that class lasts about 90 minutes instead of the usual 65. 

Additionally, the workload at the high school is significantly greater than it is in middle school, especially when a student is taking several honors classes.

“In middle school, tests and quizzes were coordinated to not all be on the same day, but now the teachers can’t communicate so that’s also harder,” Patel said.

However, this freshman class has shown a lot of optimism in the face of these difficulties. Rather than dwelling on the hardships of their transition, they are focusing on how they can adjust quickly and do their best during their high school career.

“I know that my time in high school is going to be hard,” freshman class secretary Tanish Peddi said. “But I have the confidence that I’ll try my hardest to make it easier.”

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Aarshia Bhattacharyya, Staff Writer
Hi! My name is Aarshia Bhattacharyya, and I’m a freshman staff writer for the WA Ghostwriter! This is my first year on the Ghostwriter, and I’m so excited to be able to use my love for writing to contribute to the paper! I joined the newspaper because I love writing about stories I care about and am interested in. In my free time, I love baking, reading, writing, spending time with my friends, painting, and listening to music. Outside of school, I do dance and swim, two of my favorite sports! 
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Hello! My name is Anushka Tekade and I’m a freshman. I’m a staff writer for the Ghostwriter club and am excited to take photos this year! I hope to document special moments this school year through photos. I enjoy all forms of art including, drawing, painting, music, and photography. 

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