DeSisto sprints his way to Phillips Exeter

DeSisto running the 1 mile during the indoor season.

Noah Brown

DeSisto running the 1 mile during the indoor season.

Katie McDermott, Social Media and Graphic Design Editor

Running across the track, passing his opponents, and crossing the finishing line is something senior Austin DeSisto has gotten used to over the past ten years. Now, after his time at WA, he has chosen to continue his running career next year at Phillips Exeter Academy. 

At the age of eight years old DeSisto was introduced to track and field and quickly fell in love. The more he participated in it, the more he wanted to continue, putting other sports aside.

“I started track when I was very young, probably eight years old because my dad and brother both competed,” DeSisto said. “I was just thrown into it and over the years got less interested in other sports like lacrosse, basketball, and soccer, so I stuck with track and field.” 

Desisto has had an amazing high school track and field career, competing at an elite level year after year. While his vision has always been to graduate from WA and head straight to a college where he can run at the division one level, he has felt unsatisfied with his collegiate opportunities. This has pointed him in the direction of Phillips Exeter. DeSisto believes Phillips Exeter can give him opportunities that will help him accomplish his goals.

“I wasn’t getting what I believed to be the fullest opportunities athletically and academically this year from colleges. When talking with the track coach at PEA, I fell more in love with the opportunities that PEA would give to me,” DeSisto said. “Having an extra year to build my resume, get stronger, get faster, and get smarter was a no brainer.”

As a WA Track and Field Boys’ captain, DeSisto has shown his teammates and coaches how focused he his. In addition, DeSisto is very organized and always checking in with the coaches to make sure all athletes are in the right events.

“[Philips Exeter] is getting someone who already knows how to compete very well and is very fast,” Boys’ Track and Field Head Coach Philip Archambault said. “He will physically mature over a year and this will allow him to be entering college a lot stronger than he currently is.”

Not only will a post-graduate year help DeSisto athletically, but it will also give him more chances to try new things, as he feels academically comfortable and does not feel like that will be his main focus.

“I’m most excited to have a fresh start where I can meet new people and make new friends,” DeSisto said. “Also, because I have already graduated high school, I have very few requirements, so I’ll be able to explore other classes that I didn’t have the chance to take during my time at WA.”