Valentine’s Day Special: Kucajs share experience as married WA teachers

Deepa Gautam, Features Editor

One of several teacher couples at WA, English teachers Kyle and Jeff Kucaj have been teaching alongside each other at Westford Academy ever since their wedding in 2010. For this year’s Valentine’s Day, the Ghostwriter brought the Kucajs together for an updated interview to see how their experience as a married couple at WA has changed over the years.

00:00 : Introduction. 2010: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

00:31 : 2010 vs 2023: What is it really like working with your significant other?

02:49 : What has changed over the last 13 years?

03:48 : 2010 vs 2023: What is the best part about being married and being teachers at the same school?

05:07 : What qualities about one other do you admire most?

05:44 : Funny stories? Reflecting on the importance of humor in their relationship.

06:23 : What are some challenges that come with sharing a workplace?

7:26 : 2023: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?