Glass Onion: a hilarious name for a hilarious movie


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The Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery cast posing for a promotional photo.

Jackie Clay, Staff Writer

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was released in theaters Nov. 23, follows another story of Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) when he becomes part of a vacation party, going to billionaire Miles Bron’s (Edward Norton) private island. The guests consist of old friends who are all connected to Miles’s money and willing to do anything to keep that money, as well as some dramatic additions. But all of these guests are brought to play a murder mystery game that turns into something all too real.

By calling it a Knives Out Mystery, it is expected to hold a serious and intricate plot with infinite twists and turns. The movie delivers on some of that, having a surprise murder plot where every character has a motive and it backtracks through events to reveal the deeper plots to the audience.

And while it does hold those classic mystery plots and some thrilling surprises, the movie is also just downright funny. If you are expecting a thriller mystery with serious characters, that’s not what you get. Every character has their hilarious moments, especially Blanc when it comes to a murder mystery game. The seasoned detective is truly a master of his craft.

This movie takes the chance to highlight some other parts of Blanc’s character. While he made a few funny jokes here and there in the original Knives Out, he takes it up several notches in this movie. When the moment calls for it, everything he does is hysterical from his one off comments, to his solving of mysteries.

In one scene, Blanc is revealed as gay in a very unimportant way. That was really remarkable, considering movies tend to make it a big deal to be inclusive. So having a character being gay, but that not being his main plot arc was comforting.

Additionally, there is a literal giant glass onion building that makes its debut and the movie title actually ends up making sense, something that is hard to pull off for a title this odd.

Like any great murder mystery, small seemingly inconsequential moments or weird comments add up to these big events. It still seems to surprise you, even though the pieces are all right in front of you just waiting to be added up.

That ends up happening at the end of the movie where the pieces come together into a hilarious ending that will make you laugh out loud. The villainy makes sense yet is still such a humorous revelation. A character to root for at the end is exactly what this movie needed and exactly what it got, just like the original movie. But this one had much more of a feeling of vengeance to it, both in the main plot and in the outcome.

For viewers who like Knives OutMurder Mystery, Game Night, and Enola Holmes, Glass Onion is the movie for you. I rate it a 9.5/10 for its deep and hysterical plots and a great main character. But the movie might disappoint if you are looking for a mystery that is taken more seriously.